Mike W

I purchased 2 of the crossbraces and installed them in 2 of my LP12s. One has a Teak plinth (no corner braces) so old it has the slot for the dustcover prop; it has a Linn Basik+ arm and Ortophon 2M Blue on a stock Linn armboard and a spotwelded subchassis with a white bearing. The other has a new corner-braced plinth, Jelco SA-750D arm with Zu Denon DL-103 on an acrylic armboard, bonded subchassis with Cirkus black bearing and platter. Both have Valhalla power supplies and acrylic base plates.

While installing I noticed that the new braces are much more rigid, are dead to the “rap” test and fit more tightly; the stock ones “ring” and flop around until bolted down. The new crossbraces also sorbothane mount the Valhalla board and completely isolate it from vibration.

During playback, on both decks the most noticeable difference was “blacker blacks”; not so much more detail as less background grunge competing with detail. This was subtle but noticeable on the newer/pricier deck but stood out on the older one. I think it makes up for the lack of corner braces on the old plinths. I have a total of 3 of those and was going to start shopping for plinths, which are usually $400 to $500 unless you get really lucky. Now I’m just going to get 2 more crossbraces. I think the structural improvement affects the sound more than sorbothane mounting the Valhalla board. The sorbothane will help extend the Valhalla’s life expectancy though, and we all know it needs the help. These things are a super bargain