Keith G, UK

Corian Chassis and Arm board – wow !! what a difference – gone from a fiesta to a ferrari !! -many thanks.

Having recently moved house ( downsizing) I was considering rationalising my hi-fi kit . I had a lp12 /circus / lingo 1/ trampoline 1/. which had been unused and in the loft for 10yrs ,
preferring to use a full Michell Orbe with NC power supply and DC motor- quite a lump off stuff ! To give the lp12 a last chance and tempted by the price and concept I decided to give the Corian combination a punt – turns out a great move- best value and most
significant upgrade I have ever made.
It has taken me a little while to get the balance of the Linn Active system correct( digital sources included) and cope with quite bouncy suspended floors in the house, however I believe I’m just about there. To my ears the lp12 /Ekos2/ dynavector xx2 via Graham Slee
Elevator /reflex phono stage into linn Klimax DSM , Klimax Keltic analogue X overs, 6x Klimax solos, Keltic speakers-sounds great – other testimonials on the site explain the differences in detail. I have directly compared the digital presentation of tracks by
streaming through Tidal, and also fed By a Melco storage drive to that of the lp 12.(same tracks ) and find that on these I prefer the analogue presentation as being more 3 dimensional and spacious sounding. I’m well aware that the quality of vinyl recordings can vary as well as digital ,so tried to select the same revision levels
in each case during the comparison.
As a final note I dug out a Vinyl album that my Late brother- a talented violinist- recorded in Bath in 1976 with a group of friends. Quite unexpectantly I was moved to tears by the presentation of the recording, the vitality and energy of the musicians and the sense of being there really shone through. I had never experienced that previously!