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Why a baseboard?


This is a question often asked by customers. The turntable will sit flat without it and it is not a vitally structural part. However, our baseboard definitely makes a huge difference to performance.


The typical house is full of vibrations, enough to upset the very very sensitive cartridge. The speakers are the primary cause of vibration followed by white goods e.t.c. These vibrations can work there way through the LP12 and into the cartridge. The Serene baseboard acts as a layer of protection from external vibration. Our baseboards large, thick surface area dissipates internal and external vibration into heat.


The serene baseboard is the bed rock of our beloved LP12. It’s machined from 12mm thick solid surface block and has three adjustable Solid surface/Sorbothane feet. Together they provide a stable platform dissipating external and internal vibrations from roaming free within the LP12 resulting in a more open soundstage and deeper bass.


The serene baseboard is included free of charge when purchased with our Serene Solid surface plinth. Click HERE to find out more  


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