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Cut out options

Dual motor position, no switch cut out (same price), Dual motor position, switch cut out (same price), Normal motor position, no switch hole (same price), Normal motor position, normal switch hole (same price)


Normal (same price), Polished (+£30)


The standard steel top plate has some major weaknesses and it is the most multi-connected part within the LP12. It’s made from 1.5mm thick stainless steel that can vibrate and resonate. It can warp, which in turn offsets the suspension alignment.

Metal resonates, take a cymbal or bell for example. What really sets our top plate apparat is the advanced vibration dissipation composite, sandwiched inbetween two metal sheets. What this layer does is controls and dissipates so much vibration, that the soundstage is drastically widened and the mid-range is more focused. Musical information is amplified and it’s much easier to follow the tune

This amateur video shows the difference in resonance between the standard top plate and our top plate.Link to Youtube Video

The top plate comes in different finishes, materials, and thickness.

Serene Top Plate (Standard)

The 1st layer is made of 1.5mm high-grade stainless steel or aluminum. This layer fits perfectly flush with the top of the plinth. The second layer is made from 2mm stainless steel which adds a level of thickness to help prevent it from warping and of course, sandwiched between the two is our advanced vibration dampening composite.

Serene Top Plate 7mm 

The 1st layer can either be stainless steel or aluminium. The second layer is a  aluminium frame which has been precision machined flat on both sides to ensure its perfectly flat. Sandwiched between the two is, of course, our advanced vibration dissipation layer.

Getting a perfect finish is tricky. I transferred knowledge learned from the development of the casework for the Onset Click here for images. The top plate uses the same high-grade aluminium and leading UK metal finishers as the Onset. The images on the Stack audio website better represent the finish of the top plate ( I will be loading professional images ASAP)


The only difference between the Standard and 7mm top plate is the frame (second layer). The Standard top plate frame is thinner and made from steel whereas the frame on the 7mm version is anodised Aluminium and machined flat on both sides.

Different Motor positions, and switch cutouts

After many requests, I now have top plates available in the dual motor position as well as top plates without the switch cut out for those who use an outboard power supply.

Top Plate (1st layer) Material options:

Stainless Steel or Aluminium

Finish Options

Brushed Stainless Steel (Standard)

Anodised Natural Aluminium (Standard)

Polished Stainless Steel (+£25)

Anodised Black Aluminium (+£25)

I appreciate that the options could be made clearer. This is something we are working on. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Key Features

  • Turns vibration into heat
  • Precision cut here in the UK
  • Made of high-grade stainless steel

Additional features of 7mm top plate

  • Won’t warp at all
  • Adds an extra level of rigidity
  • Exquisite anodised finish


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