Serene Plinth





A true masterpiece of engineering and craftsmanship with no compromise!


It has taken over a year, 12 prototypes and 5 different craftsmen to get to a point where we have made a plinth that we can proudly call a true masterpiece of craftsmanship.


12 hours of skilled labor goes into the gluing, assembling and hand polishing of each plinth. This work is undertaken by a skilled craftsman here in the UK with over 30 years experience in joinery to the highest level. To ensure the parts ad-hear to a tight tolerance the hand-assembled plinth is oversized and then precision cut using a super accurate CNC machine.


The end result is a gorgeous modern looking plinth, weighing in over 5Kg


Why solid surface and not wood?


I chose to go down a different route to the wooden plinth. I wanted to give the LP12 a more modern look but more importantly, improve its sound performance.

Solid surface is more tonal neutral than wood, it is more rigid and is less prone to moisture. The sound difference between the two materials is quite stark. It opens up the sound and gives new life to your vinyl collection.


Built to Last 


Our plinth is built to outlive you. Loads of little details have been thought out to ensure longevity. Traditional plinths use wood screws that tear into the wood themselves. All the holes in the serene plinth have superior metal threaded inserts.


Comes standard with our Serene Baseboard


Our superbly built serene baseboard comes as standard with your Serene Plinth. Click HERE  to find out more


Custom Orders 


Usually, the plinths are built to order and take typically 2-4 weeks. I do sometimes hold stock usually in black or white. It’s best to contact me directly to see what is in stock and what is coming in. 


The standard Serene plinth is Black, has a chamfer going around the base and is not fluted. With over 80 potential colours to choose from, I can work with you to create a plinth that is to your exact taste.


The traditional flutes can be added or the bottom chamfer removed 

Key Features


  • Built to outlive you.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty which covers material imperfections.
  • Metal threaded inserts ensure easy installation
  • Comes with our baseboard as standard
  • Deep piano black finish
  • Incredibly Inert


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