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LP12 Solid Surface Cross Brace

When vibrations enter an electrical component it generates electrical noise. The crystal on the LP12 power supply is very sensitive to vibrations. This component is crucial in delivering a uniformed frequency and obtaining a constant torque from the motor.

Introducing another part to the Serene project; the Serene cross brace. An extremely inert platform to empower your Valhalla, and/or Hercules power supplies to perform at their best, as well as stiffening up the original wood plinth. To supplement the seating of the solid surface, we use rubber studs to mount the circuit board to eradicate any remaining vibrations entering or exiting the power supply. The cross brace itself is extremely simple to install. Removing and reinstalling the circuit board is now a breeze compared to the old plastic clips of the original cross brace.

This upgrade offers surprisingly impressive improvement of the musical reproduction.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Valhalla, Lingo ,Hercules power supplies and others.

  • The board eliminates vibrations from entering the sensitive power supply.

  • Precision machined here in the UK from a 8mm thick cast solid surface billet.

  • A straightforward replacement for the original Linn cross brace.Comes with all necessary screws, nuts, cable tie and washers to fit it to your LP12 and PSU.


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