Corian Arm board for LINN, SME, REGA and NAIM tone arms


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Linn, Linn Ittok, Naim, Rega, Rega three point, SME


Matt, Polished(+£6)


Machined From The Perfect Material


 I trailed and evaluated many different materials throughout the project, but when it came to performance, one truly stood out as both unusual, yet the most practical: Solid Surface. The material is composed of acrylic polymer and aluminum amongst other minerals, the combination of which gives it an exquisite deep black finish. In addition to these aesthetics, the synergy of these minerals makes it profoundly inert and thus make it the perfect platform for your tonearm.


 Rigid Connection


 The minute details of the LP12 are just as important as the superficial aspects. When it comes to the arm board and sub-chassis connection of your LP12, it demands high structural rigidity and perfect alignment, but in doing so is also a point for vibration transmission. With the standard arm board over time, this connection loosens due to vibration within the turntable. In using threaded brass inserts, it ensures a superior long-term connection between the sub-chassis and arm board to ensure the stability of the needle. Solid structure makes for solid sound.


Machined for balance and performance


Pockets have been machined and evaluated for optimal dissipation of bad vibrations, time and time again until we came to a perfect design that significantly adds to the performance of the LP12 without detracting from its character. The end result, a significant leap in performance.


Custom Arm Boards


In the, past we have cut custom arm boards for the LP12 other than the ones listed. If your tonearm is not one of the 5 we offer then please contact us directly. 


Perfect Partner 


Our solid surface Sub-chassis is also made and machined from Solid surface. To take your upgrade to another level click Here to find out more about our sub-chassis.

Key Features

  • Extremely Inert and resonant free platform for your tonearm

  • Over 20 minutes of polishing goes on each board to achieve a deep black finish

  • Carefully sized pockets to ensure optimal audio performance

  • Brass threaded inserts are used to ensure superior long-term connection

  • It includes Non-magnetic Stainless Steel machine screws

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