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The standard steel top plate has some major weaknesses and it is the most multi-connected part within the LP12.

It’s made from 1,6mm thick stainless steel that can vibrate and resonate even if it’s stressed fit. It can warp, which in turn offsets the suspension alignment.

We set out to solve these two problems with a, reasonably priced, high-quality upgrade. We developed the Serene top plate which is made from a 2mm thick hardened vibration deadening steel that is a lot more rigid than the original top plate.

Vibrations easily travel in the regular top plate from the motor and the plinth, and parts of these vibrations are transmitted through the suspension to the vinyl disc you want to extract the music from. Vibration deadening steel is an advanced vibration dampening composite sandwiched in-between two steel plates. It controls and dissipates so much vibration, that the sound stage is drastically widened and the mid-range is more focused. Musical information is amplified and again it’s much easier to follow the tune.

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